Our Founders

Dr. Nimisha Shukla is no stranger to navigating uncharted waters. Her journey to become a medical doctor carried her across three continents and culminated in her successful practice in the field of pediatrics; initially, as a solo practitioner and subsequently, as the owner of a multi-location group practice offering extended access to pediatric care including night and weekend hours.

Along the way and contemporaneous with her practice of medicine, she achieved distinction as Chief Resident at SUNY Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine, taught medical students as Assistant Clinical Professor at Michigan State University, conceived and launched an early entry into what would become the multi-billion dollar pre-paid calling card industry, expanded the market for that business via its transition into ecommerce, became the first Indian American female broadcaster as a result of her acquisition of a Metropolitan New York area radio station, co-founded a charitable foundation Art Speaks for Autism, formed Nrityanjali USA institute dedicated to teaching Indian Classical Dance form Kathak to new generation of Indian Americans in New Jersey, served on local advisory and curriculum boards, and delved into politics with her election as a Democratic Committeeperson in the community of her residence.

Throughout the entirety of her career, she has always been concerned and advocated for the Indian American and broader South Asian communities and particularly, the women within those communities. Seeking to share what she has learned as an Indian American female professional and entrepreneur, Dr. Shukla has long sought the opportunity to more directly assist potential women entrepreneurs within these communities in finding their own voices and the confidence and resources to empower and support them. In early 2019, Dr. Shukla sought other Board Members to assist her and the Indian American Women Entrepreneurs Association (IAWEA) was born.

With Dr. Shukla providing leadership, the IAWEA provides women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with critical resources including advisory services, education, mentoring, informational resources, and opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Perhaps more significantly, it opens lines of communication, permits sharing of ideas, allows less experienced entrepreneurs to avoid pitfalls through contact with those more experienced, and lends the social and emotional support that most entrepreneurs require at some point in their business developmental journey.

Empowering the women
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